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Full Version: Upgrading to 17.03
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Ok, the last command works fine and so I can end the upgrade.

Sorry for the output in Italian......

Now one question : if I want to install calligra, what must I do ?

Thank You very much !!!!!!!!
Now it should be no problem installing calligra again with
sudo apt-get install calligra
hopefully Smile
At this moment, I upgrade to Maui 17.03.
All fine, but two min problems/doubts:
In the installation, not question to me about Overwrite /etc/xdg/kcm-about-extendedrc
Any level 4 package in my computer for install.

And when I restart, the launchers appears like this:
[Image: vd32f8.jpg]

If I click in My Computer icon desktop, not open.

Are you sure the installation went fine ? It looks strange to me. From what version did you upgrade ?
If its a totally fresh 2.1 it might have pulled an updated maui-apt-config which disabled the backports repos again.
Have you checked if those are still ticked and everything is updated correctly ?

Can you execute
sudo apt-get install -f
to see if it is able to fix anything.
Yes, the installation/upgrade not have a error.
I upgrade from 2.1.
I don't remember if 2.1 was a fresh install or from upgrade (in this computer).

With this:
sudo apt-get install -f
Any package for upgrade.

Always (before this pugrade) I install all level 4 packages.

For me its not problem the launchers in the panel, I create again.

The other questions are a doubts, and the icon My Desktop in desktop not works...I can't view if system indicate the new version.

Quote:The other questions are a doubts, and the icon My Desktop in desktop not works...I can't view if system indicate the new version.
Make sure that the package kcm-about-extended is installed. That should make "My Computer" icon work on desktop.
I can't install, in synaptic indicate that I have broken dependencies when try to install.
If I try install in konsole, appears this:
sudo apt-get install kcm-about-extended
Reading package list ... Done
Creating dependency tree
Reading the status information ... Done
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that
You asked for an impossible situation or, if you are using the distribution
Unstable, that some necessary packages have not yet been created or are
Have taken from "Incoming".
The following information can help resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  Kcm-about-extended: Depends: libkwinglutils9 but will not install
E: Problems could not be corrected, you have retained broken packets.

Solved, I view the solution after write my reply here.

I tried to upgrade Maui 2.1 to 17.3 per Instruction to no good and not so. Update did nothing that says
What is the concrete problem you encountered?
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