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Full Version: Upgrading to 17.03
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(18th March 2017, 9:13)chatan Wrote: [ -> ]
(16th March 2017, 10:21)wonder Wrote: [ -> ]Computer 3: Laptoop: Fresh install with Maui 2.1 and then, upgrade to 17.03. All fine, like kdemeoz, but I have a problem in upgrade: When in synaptic we need mark the packages plasma-desktop and plasma-destkop-data, I mark but I was don't available for reinstall, this option was are not available. When restart computer, the app dashboard launcher dissapear. I solved this with: Access to synpatic by konsole, select plasma-desktop and plasma-desktop-data, again, I can't available for reinstall, I uninstall this 2 packages, also, are uninstalled maui-desktop, then, I install maui-desktop (this install plasma-desktop and plasma-desktop-data), now, appears app dashboard launcher and all works fine.
Ditto on my tower.   The downside was installing maui-desktop also reinstalled a bunch of default un-needed applications I had uninstalled  (e.g. thunderbird, kde-pim, etc). I re-uninstalled.

Worked for me, but only after I had reloaded, I got a lot of broken package type errors.
Upgrade successful, so far.
I had to remove plasma-desktop and plasma-desktop-data as the reinstall option was greyed out. This also removed maui-desktop. I then marked all three for installation, but got a lot of broken package type errors when I applied them. Reloading fixed that. I now have the launch app back.

The "how to" document suggests installing artwork-wallpapers-maui-1703, but this is not present, neither is plasma-widget-volumewin7mixer. I don't mind, I rarely see the desktop and I'm quite happy with the mixer I have.

Kmail now comes up properly without my having to do an "Adjust column sizes".
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