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Full Version: [Solved] - Tower's 1st [no, 3rd] Hard-Reset since clean-reinstall.
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(8th April 2017, 9:05)leszek Wrote: [ -> ]As an alternative to cairo dock perhaps take a look at latte dock one of the new additions to plasma by some third party developer that got high praises lately.

Well, that is interesting news, thank you. I've just researched it, & watched the video. It does seem pretty good, but for now i feel CD remains better for me, for essentially ONE reason [which is also why i originally chose it over Plank & Docky]... with CD, my dock/s are NOT limited only to individual launchers, but i can create folders too. Eg, i have a Browsers folder, & when i point to that in CD, it opens up to reveal all my different browsers from which to select for launch, yet as soon as i move the pointer away, the folder collapses back into a single icon. This makes CD immensely powerful in terms of logically grouping similar pgm launchers but saving lots of screen space. With any of the other docks i've tried, including apparently also Latte, no stacking/grouping into folders is possible, so the dock would have to be very very much longer to fit all my same launchers into it. I hope that makes sense?
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